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Why should I choose Compassionate Endings NJ to care for me?

Compassionate Endings NJ is the only medical specialty practice for medical aid in dying in NJ. We are with you throughout your journey at the end of life. We attend to all our patients personally from the day we meet, up to the day they take the aid in dying medications. We have the medical expertise to handle complications, help family and loved ones with the grief process, to explain the phases of dying, and to reassure the family that their loved one is free from suffering. It is that personalized attention that sets us apart from the rest. If you have difficulty swallowing, we provide other options for self ingestion of the medication that no other practice offers.

Do you accept insurance?

No. We are a fee-for-service practice. Insurance typically does not cover MAiD or the medication for MAiD. Federally funded insurance plans (Medicare & Medicaid) do not cover MAiD. We recommend checking with your private insurance carrier.

Will participating in MAiD affect my life insurance policy?

No. You will be entitled to your full benefits. The cause of death on the death certificate will be the terminal illness i.e.: colon cancer, ALS, End-stage heart failure.

Once I obtain the medication, am I required to take it?

No. You are not required to take the medication. You have the absolute right to determine when and IF you are going to take the medications that will assist in dying. We highly recommend waiting to fill the prescription until you are close to being ready to take it.

How much medicine do I have to drink?

2-4oz of fluid in less than 2 minutes

Are there any special requirements for storing medication until I am ready to take it?

Yes. We recommend storing it in a cool dry place. Given the nature and dosage of the medication, we strongly recommend that it be stored  far away from children and pets, in a locked box to ensure safety.

Can my family doctor be the second consulting physician?

Absolutely. However, it is recommended that you make sure that your family doctor is willing to consult. Physicians are NOT required to participate in MAiD.

Can I still use MAID if I have difficulty swallowing or problems with digestion?

Yes. We will offer other options to you so that you can still participate.

Do I have to be a New Jersey Resident?

Yes. The law requires that we obtain some form of identification that proves you are a current New Jersey resident. There is no minimum residency required. Accepted forms of legal identification include: a NJ driver's license, voter registration card, or other government issued ID.

Do I have to take the aid in dying medication in NJ?

YES! It is illegal to consume this medication in a state where MAID is not legal, and anyone attending the death could be subject to prosecution.

Is MAiD considered suicide?

NO. Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) allows the terminally ill “death with dignity." Its purpose is to allow  terminally ill patients the choice to end their suffering on their own terms.

This is not about life OR death, it is about the time and manner of death.

What are the areas of NJ that you service?

We serve most areas of New Jersey. However, if travel over 40 miles is required, then a mileage fee will apply.

What form is required to request MAiD and where can I find it?

In order for a patient to receive a prescription in accordance with the New Jersey End of Life Option Act, the patient must complete and sign the following form: 

Request for Medication to End My Life in a Humane and Dignified Manner

If I don't qualify for MAiD, do I have any other options for a death with dignity?

Certain people who may not meet all the requirements for MAiD may choose VSED (voluntary stopping of eating and drinking). In select cases, we may be able to assist you with this. Contact us for further information.

Do you work with hospice?

Absolutely! We encourage all our patients to enroll in hospice. We will work closely with the hospice team.

I have already seen a physician for MAiD and have my prescription. Can Compassionate Endings NJ attend to me on the day I choose to take the aid in dying medications?

Yes! We can attend to you and your loved ones on the day you choose to take the medications. Many families are unsure how to mix the medications, what to do if some or all of the medications are spilled, or what to do should their loved one have any complications. We will attend to all your needs on this very important day.

I have an attending physician. Can Compassionate Endings be my consulting physician?

Yes. If you already have an attending physician on board, we will be happy to be the consulting doctor.

A Guide for patients and their supporters

An article by the head of has written an aid in dying guide "Medical Aid in Dying: A Guide for Patients and Their Supporters" This booklet is intended for patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are considering a more humane ending. This is also a guideline that can be read by the patients' supporters, such as family and caregivers.

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