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Compassionate Endings NJ gave my wife the incredible gift of knowing that she was in control of her life again and that her wish to die peacefully and in her family’s arms would actually be honored. You were with us every step of the way... informing, reassuring, guiding, honoring at a most sacred time in life.The peace, relief, confidence, and dignity my wife experienced in her final days was a profound blessing to her and those she loved. My family’s enduring thanks. You literally do the work of angels.

You are a forever part of what ended up being the best possible sendoff my mom could have had... I just want to thank you so much!

​Compassionate Endings NJ were a dream team with my father. They went way above and beyond the medical aid in dying work. They took the time to get to know our family, and their house call system was particularly convenient.They were transparent and intentional the whole way through. I can't recommend them enough. Thanks again, Compassionate Endings NJ!

Thank you Compassionate Endings NJ and the State of New Jersey for having this option for patients and their families. Her dignity was preserved through this experience by allowing mom the right to make this choice.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my Mom and our family. The service you both provide was the most loving gift…I appreciate the time you gave my family. The fact that I could call, text, or email anytime and that you got back to me so quickly was such a gift. I’ve never had a doctor in my life that made me feel like we were the only family in the world that you were helping.

We chose the Compassionate Endings practice as they were highly recommended. (They) came to visit us at home. When my husband entered hospice care, the staff of Compassionate Ending took over his care.  They worked with the family members and supported us knowing that caring for a loved one is very painful and stressful endeavor. They made sure that he was well taken care of. They guided him patiently towards the inevitable and kept his spirits up. Their positive attitude helped my husband to live to his fullest. He died peacefully surrounded by his family.  I seldom see such dedicated healthcare professionals that care and believe in helping patients to deal with end-of-life issues. Thank you, Compassionate Endings, and the new NJ law allowing patients to have choices.

Thank you for providing this amazing service. Thank you for your undying patience and compassion and for your constant efforts at keeping me comfortable.

Thank You Compassionate Endings NJ for all the time you spent with us. You always had time to answer our questions and assuage our fears. We knew "R" was in very capable and kind hands! 

I really don't know where would be right now if it weren't for Compassionate Endings NJ. We called them in the morning and they were at our door at 5 PM that same day! They both reassured us and our children that they would walk us through one of the most difficult times in our life. They did not disappoint! We spoke with one or both of them every other day and sometimes every day. They helped us maneuver finding a hospice and helped us with managing all the pain medications without getting constipated. They were always friendly, professional and incredibly sympathetic to our situation. I thank God for those two ladies every day. God Bless the incredibly valuable work that you do.

I truly believe that God sent us two Angels when he sent Compassionate Endings NJ to care for my mom. They walked us all through the process seamlessly. If we had a problem with any of our regular medications, they were able switch things around to make us more comfortable. I will never forget the time you spent nor the incredible love and support you provided, day or night!

Thank you so much. It was so meaningful and beautiful the way dad passed. By being so brave and strong, he spared us the extended grief of watching him deteriorate and die slowly. We know he had not one single regret, and felt he lived and loved a complete life.

Thanks again for everything. We have not looked back, and life has been good. We miss mom but I remind myself each day now how empowering and merciful this was for her.

Today was perfect and peaceful for our family. We appreciate you being there and keeping us talking and comfortable. We will remember today not as an awful day, but as a peaceful send off to our wonderful father. This is what he deserved and I'm so glad you could provide that for him. I hope you know how important your work is.

My heart is full of appreciation for your devotion to those individuals and their families who are faced with a circumstance over which they feel they have no control- only to have two angels fly in and guide our loved one to her final journey. I am forever grateful.

My family and I cannot thank you enough for the care and compassion you provided to mom on her final journey. Your caring professionalism for her and my family were beyond what we could have hoped for. If not for you, mom might still be suffering. Your care, guidance, and reachability were amazing. There was never a bad time to reach out and you always responded beautifully.

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